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G-Land June 28th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Camps I have look at the rest Money Trees consistently in the early part of the day. Wow … ┬áthere are several big waves and he is looking to walk bare rock. Fewer people go to surf in the morning sitting on the palms and fan Kongs and beautiful he is still there, but the money we have. Day of transport, as I would not have been out there.

G-land Surf Forecast At the time everything was settled with three new guests … yup, I remember to put a number before or after the 3 …. is what it is! So the next time they are and may be 9:30 and I was in the water, not long afterwards. But I was lucky to get a wave to the number on the money. He came after that. 3 sets can be thereby with the rest of the day. But the tide of the high ledge, fan palms, and the Kongs of fun. 10 ft situated in a pleasant and very clean. Even some of the waves that carry and barrel. But much more than a few that go for hundreds and hundreds of meters. Pulse Lully, but unlike some that the session will be transformed into a sit non-stop paddle surf surfing Plengkung.

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