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G-Land June 25th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Swell yet to come to the point today, but the circumstances are very well designed. At one point I thought there was time for the wind to go out and have the tide with a little help, but when the bell had already seen two. It is already past the point without the majority of cases. It seems that it was to clean up a little as the sun approaches the horizon, but even then it was very slow … very fickle.

It was about 10 meters on the faces of the regular series, but regularly every 45 minutes maybe. I saw a few waves come from money, but the long period between in-one on the other.

A handful of teams have entered the bay, get some really fun waves on the way Tiger track by the look on their faces and their stories match. Sometimes the place and the wind blows N for a piece good enough today, probably was. And then … good for them

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