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G-Land June 24th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf First things first, and the that the morning would seem normally to G-Land. The collision on the ground so that you can never have all become attractive compared to the last morning. However swell, although it is small … could lead to something more than … is in tune very well. Conditions appear to move offshore to about 10 hours, and the it materialized. Even a small hook on the size of the waves came up with sweaty day.

G-land Surf Report However consistency. Wait a long time for everyone and luckily not many people who have to wait. Transport and the today we have the biggest load of surfers since the beginning of June … Others 18 are in U.S. dollars (bachelor) party come and the they stay in tonight … but in good condition. None of they got naked in a room full of people. I do not know what the Aussie, but many of they seem to have the desire to play here. Bunch of pussies that hurt.

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