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G-Land June 24th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-LAND …. Depending on the speed boat roundabout Buzy Blambangan Felt good. All the boat Felt really good, But in turn, Felt better. Buzy not find Shut off the gas, But Almost only. It took about 3 minutes to 2 km Kong did for the channel by boat. This is three times 250 to get the frickin Fri boat in good, not especially in calm water and swell much at all.

But a new wave arrived from the Tide and went limp and began nine hours to Flood, the subtle Signs of his nice. At the height of the day, was Used in place of the Waves of thick (18 second swell Period before) through the Money tree and stay in log with a good wind. Some of the Sets Were good for about more than doubled, But Usually just Below the day. But at any point Less Dies Thank Waves Spee. Inner Path DG worked with some real nice Waves rolled around. The Fang is the major … Fan palms, the right edge of the Tide … DG Kong been proven to work well. Not bad … I am grateful for now.

I was looking at paintings of the past few days and it looks like a G-land. Not really … It is! Some turned to wave Quality firm … Brett had some great Waves to finish it and now back to Bali for a dose of ┬ácontrast here, from mid-May

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