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G-land June 22nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land surf report today was looking about the same height as the day before. Maybe a little “smaller. Ithink instead of removing the 6’4 6’8 and I found myself with a few drops in somecritical areas to close. It turned out to be larger, 6 to 8 feet with occasional bigger.Faces up to 20 meters on the set. Pretty sweet! We stayed for more than five hours, high water in the middle of the day.

Trees bestmoney I had for 6 weeks I was in the field. The boys to Tiger and the traces of 20 20,said he has also shown below. Things looked battered and hurt at the end of the day and most of us had to sleep early. Tomorrow looks smaller, but still a good size and there are many people here in thethree fields. Everyone is fed at G-Land!

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