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G-Land June 21th-23th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf beautiful ocean at sunrise and fun waves double overhead on the sets of both sharp and clean. On some days, the size or direction of the swell, but the quality of the wind and the waves are always so easy to enjoy. Usually the pendulum so we must anchor our memories about us, by any counter-current. If it does not really focus on something else!

The monkeys are still the same, making them an ambush attacks on us and with all my heart. G-land Surf Forecast I do not know why they are so full of intent or that they only eat until regurgitation, only to eat again, but they are still very brave. If they are native, and a herd of monkeys did not heed the warning given to the authors of punk blink and strength of a bull should be taken to pieces. But fortunately for them, to stand. but surely no one is so far very.

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