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G-Land June 1st – 2nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land June 1st – 2nd 2011 Surf Report Today , It was blocked looking for a free day at the beginning of the country. But there’s always that little momentum out of the way to the point, and that’s what it did. It was a little momentum, but enough people on the beach. Early in the morning looked Middle High German. Mirror the time of the flood and had started to take over 9 hours, the head sets up slowly filtering Fan Palms / Ledge and offshore to help with the form, keep a few waves hollow enough to fit in people. Perhaps only ten of the best sets of overhead, but nice enough.

G-land 2nd
Basically Another repeat of yesterday. Except the little lever on the pulse of noon was all that was. Any parts of the pulse was rather small and inconsistent, so you better have brought some goggles swim along a reef dive between sets.

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