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G-Land June 18th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surf Report Today was pretty off-shore wind and the reef in the morning everything started to look good when the tide came in enough. We had a great turn around and I could not get in the water up to 10 Speedies clock for only 2 hours so I was pumped to pump to get a few waves were. It was the best I’ve seen since I was Speedies here. Upon arrival, I was in the lineup from an injury that just went from a dislocated elbow in a bad wipeout Speedies says.

I had to paddle straight, without a glance in a wave and go if I could help in any way. We took him straight to hospital Kimbo. He had alreadytaken four Panadeine strong and was more than an hour. His muscles were hard as a rock, and it was a good deal for the elbow. I did my best to help him still there, and soon I was back in the socket. After checking her circulation and sensation to the view down I immediately grabbed my board and returned to the lineup as soon as I could.

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