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G-Land June 10th – 12th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Nice … So today is the first day of my life that the monkey was hidden enough to tear the food on my plate right. Oh, they tried many times, but I know they know me and they are very patient when it comes to their plan for me. It is not possible, then the other way and that is why I give him accessories for the estate of flight and escape. I just finished a plate on a long table, we serve a buffet and was about to hit a bit of soy sauce to complement the delicious bread, I’m looking for a club and fries. He came on the roof and slid on the right post at the table MA in front of the plate. I blame my hat to wear to get him out of my eyes.

G-land Surf Forecast To be sure 100% I will see him differently. But as I wrote, they need an action plan was not only ready to jump on the table, fast charge to lock on all the loot while flashing their teeth. It should be smarter than that and I do not know things like the monkey is not possible here. They have done very well for themselves. They do not depart from customers that they can eat spaghetti, rice mixture, fried chicken, non-native fruits, and the club sandwich. He rushed forward no teeth no eye contact, but for a fraction of a fraction of a second and it made me look up enough to see what happens. I waved twice as instinctively, fully heated by the shock of his … but missed. And he went with his current club sandwich. I am so angry and was impressed by the vision of its activities. I thwart criminals who have terrorized the monkey us this season.

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