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G-Land July 9th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land After 2 ½ weeks of daily surfing, I knew I was a big change of scenery. The noise, crowds, traffic, progress, construction, etc. are replaced by peace, quiet, little traffic patterns, and a very natural environment. Some progress has been made here, and I am very impressed with the new system bread. Now in the morning before breakfast, there are all these new fresh breads that customers can take their own time to walk with their eggs, etc., and toasters to control how you want the toast. And amazingly tasting bread! Surreal. The lunch menu is more like his glorious state 08/09, where you can choose from many different dishes, and dinner is fine, if anything.

It was a perfect day for the fast boat, the wind is not much, a very small waves, and only five of us met on the boat. These are the very small waves, beyond the point that I thought I could not surf today was. After lunch, I went down and practiced with a number of students visiting from Banyuwangi English, his head slightly and saw some build by Kong. Almost forgot to inflate the slightest mistake can be beautiful, large quantities of these magnets swell to a point.

Fan Palms so I wet afternoon, always a nice pair of 3ft (ceiling), sets the light off, riding a 5’9 … This year I’m experimenting with riding tips. Was great, the 5’9 x 18 1 / 2, compared to my last year, Shortboard 6’0 x 18 8.1.

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