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G-Land July 8th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Launching Pad Speedies about 3-4 feet and the face may not be great at sunrise. I could not even recall much going to rock in Moneytrees, but I believe it’s still alive and the working well. So to put down the myths about Speedies not surfable at low tide, it happened again. Means that it will usually be washed and the patterns from a set creating upreef and the sketchiness.

G-land Surf Forecast the temperatures around 26 ° C and water 25 ° And there are some big waves piping down the reef through the low tide. I love when this kind of experience stillness reminder of what we think of G-Land is smooth as sponges foam, as this usually will happen stages of a wave motion up.

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