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G-Land July 7th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf java so we continue onward to the real business. Conditions of the morning looked like it was more like 10 nights. I’m repeating myself for the past month, but that’s so abnormal that I will continue to write about it until it fades. We also have to get some cold water cool but do not feel different. Vest shirts jacket is made of rubber and you’re good. Unlike last season where I was wearing a short sleeve 2mm full. And I hope this does not turn into that again.

So the small waves. Not much going ahead, even though every 2 hours, there will be a set that went into Moneytrees. Most of all there upreef surfing from Fan Palms right on out to the peak point. Probably the smallest day of the month high on the head. Could have fun down on Tigertracks. Sometimes the same size as the Kongs in the days of small, and it feels like one day. But not one person down to the Gulf.

G-land Surf Report put him out of the water for several months now. Your fins should be kept involved in all the time, three broken bones in his leg put in a cast for 6 weeks. Then some time after rehabilitation. Bummer bro get and stay positive and stay positive and get well.

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