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G-Land July 3rd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land¬†good fun day at the top. Imagine up to 10 meters and faces, perhaps because in recent days that more waves were coming through, was not fully packed range. He seemed happy to surfers in the country. Or maybe I was just lucky. Path found in just surfing around for hours. Then came a few, but was still good and friendly. Money trees looked really carvable today. Not much at all barrels, more oblique, and when I wrote … a lot of fun. But come to the ledge and flooding empty again. This was the third day of the right to life and even if I did not find the session Ledge I was really happy to sit on the ball just one treatment and disposal, pipes and spit. It appeared that many people do not.

The offshore wind is a little after noon, and I was really light for the rest of the day. Felt the water a little warmer but still cold for sure. Put some rubber!

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