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G-Land July 2nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surf Report Today … such a beautiful day! Swell is still happening and continue through the entire length of the barrier. But in fact focused on the trees by the oil money higher.Dies Spee are a few sets of good cheer, but the wind was never really in the open sea during the height of the flood, so the impact was still over her face.

A more serious double overhead, but usually about 10-12 foot faces today. But coming off on the right and G-Land was looking much more like you want. I must be true and clear … She did not want so busy. Many poor etiquette on the water today.It ‘s like the traffic on the road … meaning …

Nobody likes traffic, but at the moment are on time to keep pace and passed the accident, almost all are still almost impossible to check the slaughter (not help), allowing for increased traffic. No one likes to hit, jockeyed, fell forward, and on and on and on … but people still go to other people.People can be strange!
Which brings me to the breathtaking beauty of this final special section of the reef more than any other part of punches here. I think we all remember that caught our neighbor, and that their place in line. And then there are those pieces that ledge and jacket from a couple of body lengths in this way or another, but “somehow” away from the next one, and it comes with the man in the fifth line … Maybe you! ! There were some mutants there today … some classics and more!

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