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G-Land July 28th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf have some potential, as I looked at 6.30 clock. 3-4ft sets 8-9am@2.2m cams flood, wind was light, but also abroad … So I went and had breakfast at 9:00 clock and paddled. However, the potential to disappear quickly with little waves! Since there were six meters last night at sunset, while I was not firm about 2ft encouraging. He did what I could, and it’s so nice to do a few laps. But …

Not much to write today? The water is warmer, and the jacket was perfect board shorts … Tonight we watched a DVD of the demolition of a movie studio. Great movie! It was a packed house full of first theater I saw this season. Just for you on your toes, we expect a slight swelling takes a quick … few days, the biggest swell of the season just good deed for today.

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