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G-Land July 29th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surf until now! A small dot on the graph is equal to four solid – Money Tree 6ft all morning. Many people choose as soon as possible with water at high tide sailing and 7/8am already abroad. Several waves of pain that is lower than the barrier near Spee Dies here and there. Not bad for a host of high season, no more than twenty people in a region. I turned around overnight 4:00, when I relaxed the whole day – G-Land Surf will all the energy you suck to a Certain number of days of surfing – so after lunch and a nap, so I finally did. Finally, on the edge chips ragdolled weight, and not enough money to make pot sick .. but only in the black for the golden eggs, Which gave me a tube five seconds (on my GoPro) and it made ??me very welcome. The temperature of water is good for my language. But many people are not rubber and looks OK.

Dazz and 9-year-old girl from Georgia to Tiger track twice today! Look at the peak mid-morning high tide, then the right curve at low tide. Nice, good quality of reports of two to three foot waves, a wave good session on my first Arvo the list, the last wave of the day, the best barrels from G-Land Surf is not my job this year, five second tube magic.

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