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G-Land July 27th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf twenty-two People came to this morning and left eight people. So now we have in stock about forty-five people. Only five people are the basis of Joyo and perhaps not much G-Land Surf. So … crowded waves right now! We have offshore winds all day, and most of the day is solid three meters. But after picking up during the day to 4ft on the board and some new guests are very satisfied with her explore. Kong was a wave every day, and when the waves have taken something beautiful money tree.

I have the day through photographs and videos, edit and have a great nap at the end of the day. After seven days, just surfing, my body was glad to take a break!

Next week will be solid. Through the eyes of the Indian Ocean Isobars graphs in August (at least at the beginning of) to go with a bang. Perhaps the biggest swell of the season will be here in a week! This is definitely one of the Rip Curl Cup Padang left are gone, and far enough to see what hard materials grow serious G-Land Surf.

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