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G-Land July 26th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Weather was a bit under the weather this morning … just a wire and some rain and then again after lunch on Sunday, the humidity rises, the wind light, but the day was still unclear. 3-4ft, Kong was my decision after lunch. I drove Ryan Birch 5’7 wobbly plank something fun to do. 17 wide, very different tracks together, the tail and the nose in the wrong direction … goofy, designed to sediments and, perhaps, ideal for the left, has made ??this forum so much fun. Once I used the man went so fast sometimes.

The surf was very busy during the day, I heard footsteps of the Tiger had had to break again in the afternoon of fun, and the water line a bit hot today, I had only a light jacket and combination boards. You have below a picture of my friend Chris Luke placed 2 days ago.

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