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G-Land July 25th – 29th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf a bit out of the computer, but that’s okay. I finally got a picture together of what Mr.Dave and Mr.Norris were up to several months. so enjoy And G-land has been very good, great even in some recent days last 25 to 28. Double overhead and off-shore, lined and hollow wind, nice and good people in the water. G-land Surf Forecast ┬áToday, day 29 was the first day is quite small in something like 12 days, but still fun waves.

a conversation about G-land photography this week:
This makes me laugh … Mirror, mirror on the face, ooh how I love this place … have strong feelings for this … Peterson … in search of fortune … back in the saddle again … Derek looks very good in a position to receive … on … sometimes it happens … I must be the same for him … Walter sliding on the plate … These people have an incredible journey all the way through … I love this photo at an angle … Mike Akima was very focused for the second … lens distortion a bit, but still pretty solid these days … Kecik sapodilla fruit trees were removed so that the monkeys have been hanging on the beach a lot lately to clean them … our version of the beach replenishment program … Parting Shot … for now Reno shaft filled.

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