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G-Land July 23rd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf increased slightly in the night! is Good! Finally, the life of beekeeping, to break records with 8ft + on it. the morning tide and the disease they have always tried throughout the morning on beach … maybe wait until they see people and good waves? well, I went out and right on time at 10:30, the flood came a little more and the wind was stiff winds offshore and there were some nice set of 6 feet by cutting trees for money! the water was not hot, I wore an old ocean liner 2 mm and it was good.

Some ships have provided good to be true, if you have the right waves and waves a little more barrels. With the rising tide of more and more, we were just 8ft, which will now and then giving the audience on their toes. Crowd? Yes, it was pretty crowded in the late morning to late afternoon, when the tide. I returned at the end of the day, and just before sunset won two waves along the tube perfectly good. What is the G-Land Surf for you. We were at the bottom of riffs go, I had to ask at the end of the upper die teats. And I saw others do it directly on the wave!

A few injuries now, fortunately, nothing serious. I’m sure I ate lots of donuts for the right. My friend Chris Luke muscle tear in the groin, to try hes a bit painful, but probably G-land surf tomorrow. Mika Akima hit the cliff and on the injured foot. Rodrigo has a scratch. And there were boards and ropes broke, of course. as for my video work, I’m still one or two were involved here. apologize for not getting the hits to create the best quality of Dave, not easy all round pick . a beautiful sunset lights up the end of the tube during the day, stand-up a window and made a stand-up windows.

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