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G-Land July 22nd 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf  Similar size in the afternoon, yesterday morning. Not anymore. First glassy, not very clean, but a wave of demons came and the waves quickly to open and clean the pots, but a little slap in the face angle of the wind. One of our guests and Kiwi David Newport, should be one of the best writers of his trip to a good race.

Go directly to lunch, I went out and had a marathon in 5 hours. Had a mini-backpack, and sonblok, water and a nice bar, Mike Akima I hawermout. The swell is up! A solid start to bomb a few series 5ft 6ft and there were also occasional. Consistency is the key word is a sin, but it is the nature of windsurfing. But when they came … If you are a … Trees of money truly epic. A little ‘vague The 3 or 4 tubes for air! And one of them is a well.

Crowd was very busy all afternoon, was in the late afternoon, but there was not much, as this morning, not far from two. The list tries to work at sunset, but only at high tide was 1.0m so it was not really. But a lot of attention on the items on the dark swell. The water is very cold! Or maybe it was the wind? I was in a resilient and do not want less. At the embassy, I have my stand-up dialog today. A window handle from my camcorder to film the observation tower and a frame grab my Pictures Go Pro.

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