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G-Land July 21st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf A new wave was all day! After a few weeks already swollen in the West, so far comes from a large southeastern quadrant, and oh boy, there was some beauty around the reef. Of course, I sail a lot more and better, but today there were a few good waves in the range of 3-5 meters! If the wine was head high, and there was a beating! Tree Circle series of launchers in the speed of money notes, all sectors are relatively inactive week, the lights that pulse wave Lil south. Offshore Wind takes daily summed each day and people were to end in a lot of money to fit the lower part of the flooding tree.

The field in this period is full, every day, morning and more people on the left. Many new faces today and probably all the excitement of world class as a left G-Land Surf. The public? Yes, I was full late in the morning! Many individual trees bettors money … But by the end of the morning and late afternoon, the crowd was small, and it was good when it was then. One of my first wave, I have three barrels – is not uncommon to see something today, if someone is a smoker. Anthony King with 50 barrels today, was out all morning and afternoon, fucking in almost every wave. We celebrate in the same tube to tube.

At high tide there was a Speedies pulse, and the photo below is a bit of everything so I hung a Spee. Only two meters, but was nearly empty so high! Dave Thomas has some unbelievable shots today, I hope that some of his paintings in the near future to get to show how a few of the waves

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