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G-Land July 19th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surf slightly lower at 3 feet firmly on the stock head high during the day, was not really surfing boot table … Many customers said they come and a balloon, left waves through most of the day. Offshore wind early, as usual, and hook all day.

I decided it was a perfect day for a holiday. What do you think G-land Surf to do when you need a break? Well, I play with my grandmother, my birthday Go Pro video – I’ll add you to our website via Skype. Remember that Skype is not very good for a few years ago when the Internet first, but now is very good. It was a call to New Zealand’s perfect all the way from my computer in the jungle of the G-Land. .. It has some of the sun, reading, crosswords, a massage and some yoga, eat three meals lunch Oh ahh well was truly a great epic – I chose pancakes for me a chicken burger with chips and chocolate. A trick for Coca-Cola in the air of a DVD movie to see. A good place to chill here! Here is a picture of the tournament a few nights back in the pool tournament. Pool Two nights ago, entertainment facilities, pool tables, table tennis and a theater.

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