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G-Land July 18th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Bobby’s Surf Camp have a nice smooth transition day morning. Customers are only 10 left, 19 years, so it’s not in the open is now about 65 in number, you will not see the water is generally calm the masses. 3 kiwi boys to come to Christchurch this morning, Marshall McNeice and Dan Smith (Delta), which last year reached sick waves here with her ??boyfriend, Dylan Wood for the first time. In this debate for 12 days so no doubt a very good writer. Even Spock and his wife and two children, and Rodrigo Silva and Monica have a few that I came to this area many times … Rodrigo has the largest Spee died during the ’09 season.

The line-up for the first 4-5 hours of the morning nearly empty, a few good writers! 3-4 feet, right on the whole. Wind in a foreign country was fast enough. I hardly surf today, but at 12:30 clock, me and my friend, Luke, Chris and I have a beauty of a golf score! Do you have an idea in charge of the loop on my GoPro. Try my new HD editing wrist, so when the waves are actually running, I hope to be ready and prepared for magic. Many guests rest days today, and I clapped my usual late afternoon after lunch, a large plate of spaghetti marinara delicious lunch. Short dinner – fish with wine sauce Balsamic is a good race today in my surfing, I.

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