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G-Land July 17th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surf Today was bigger than the kit arrived. But you had to wait … Sis the victim line every day for a good five-foot four games, but there were many of 3fters, if you wanted to hire. Many west swell again, so most of the action on the reef, but like yesterday there were a few games until the money flows in the River. Definitely a few exciting moments during a spate of bomb 5 feet come on ya, and I have some of them, but I was about 4 hours!

The crowd was free medium in the late morning. Early in the morning, a small team waves were good for each other all afternoon and was very calm. Waves early in the day abroad. Tonight, employees and customers love the pool and a little competition in my pool tournament, which deployed in the field of entertainment after dinner buffet will be solved … Who will win.

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