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G-Land July 16th-18th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Season three days in These bay has many takers and twenty working around shoulder height. Tigertracks give the people toward the high peaks. Probably a very exciting day for being there since the swell has some real strength in it. Swell coming straight up from the previous day and we really need to look at G-Land to be alive. I mean breaking Bombora and cresting over, not just rolling whitewater.

G-land Java Surf Forecast Set on a solid double overhead range with the ever so rare a set of larger overhead three times to come through. Moneytrees lined with several barrels of proper running of coral. BUT it is difficult today because I think there are still some “lumps n bumps” out there most of the time. The wind is pretty good most days. It started looking normal in the morning … common is that we have to wait for the wind to be alive. But for those of you who know, who always come in time where everything is smooth and straight when set to come through if the luck flowing, then they are the jewel of the day. Launching Pad to work a little too. No one really makes the Speedies true, but the wave that comes through not less. But it is definitely Moneytrees day.

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