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G-Land July 14th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf this morning was a complete mystery. A thick fog was built and it has eight hours can be made by the waves. When we finally got the swell was a good 4-5ft up … a lot of power by some in the waves. Always inflate very western, so most of the action was Kong, Fan Palms and large trees money. The apartments are fairly simple and the head of the largest half. Flood the whole morning, the crowd was free, soft free for distribution in July. A bunch of guests tiger tracks and fun waves all morning.

Wind me a while to get through, but by late morning the wind blew. All afternoon, Saturday condemned the low tide. Team a couple of good fan palm. The water warms a bit today, I was in my spring fits both your visit and I would probably carry less. A few jellyfish around, but condemns some fire. I have a lot of trouble in the surf, but now a bit itchy. It was nice to go there today and a little juice overhead

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