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G-Land July 13th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-Land July 13th 2011 Surf Report Today! 6:30 a.m. Surf solid set 6-8 feet verification revealed that comes through the trees of the money and no wind. Clean. Probably the best time to be there, in retrospect? There was little current, and the walls clean. High tide at 8:30 am. Like most of us who waited for him. But it was on the ground during the morning. A lot of equipment and gave it out in August boardst Hachar many broken today probably because it was very difficult to do with the sea breeze.

And when he did finally off the coast, which was not a great off-shore, close to a crossing south of the coast that low point. Any not too large barrels mounted in the morning and early Arvo. And after lunch with humungous began washing the current point, as the surf was pounding hard unless Kongs and palm trees of the money between sets. In saying all that, a lot of guests has some great rides.

Some guests sailed the sea Tiger tracks but later as the tide was very low, to no avail. And 20/20 ‘s was almost good, but small really in touch. About 2 feet. I tried to go for my bike Tiger tracks morning, but it broke down halfway. This was a good lesson in how local people are Java. Without any hint of wanting anything in return, two different local fishermen on their bikes stopped, one after another to try to help me. Even when I insisted that only parking on 20/20 ‘s, and walk backwards, then get the mechanic to look at it later, do not take no for an answer.

The boy finished second towing me with a rope from the back of which was his own bike carrying two baskets and a bucket of cold ice and fish in a bumpy road 3 km! I flew away. I gave him some money at the end of their help and show my gratitude, but he did not expect it. What is a legend. And that’s what I know that many of the locals are. Very nice people. Therefore, I re-planned and told me come out of a hangover after 4pm. 0.4 million low tide was at 3:30 pm I know you will not get much at all tides anyway. That remained the plan and the current was strong. Do not stop paddling all the time trying to get in position, it was hard work. But I have a Smoking Barrels few who made it all worth it then came in, had a Bintang, so delicious buffet, and after watching a DVD relaxed in the cinema.

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