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G-Land July 12th – 13th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf is will happen regardless of how intensely our a collective hope that keep it full of hope for another day G-Land Java is beautiful, I must make a call that pendulum has swung and we got out of long-term from the beginning of the morning wind, the waves are decent size, and tropical water temps. Was small enough G-Land 3 days, so I can easily imagine how small it actually was in another place elsewhere in the archipelago. That may be the head high and everyone likes to use the word humble when it’s this big.

G-land Surf Forecast High Head is a pretty humorous to think that face grovel for 6 feet. But you do not see too many who look healthy, fit ultra chef. Indulgence is my point and that is what we usually do here to enjoy the 10 foot plus surf consistency. Did you get my attention to water temp? Bring some light rubber maybe even some rubber guard right here when you shift into a cold place.

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