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G-Land July 11th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land is Begin to feel beautiful and comfortable for me now, even if the small waves, good consumed in a quiet area that day to eat, sleep and surf.

Today, the G-Land was browsing Same Same But Different. As anyone who has to G-Land, before they can confirm that no two days are ever the same, but there was still 2-3ft offshore and light. I went for a surf with my new friend, Hiroshi, Japan. For most of two hours we were, it was just us, we think between mass timed. If you peel the shoulders so many turns and combinations and it was even gentle enough to try for a pair of Fan Palms sections to a number of antennas. Today, Patrick was the anniversary of Sweden and that he and guests attending any, the big birthday party where all employees used a chirade music around the restaurant to think deceive many guests, it was his birthday, and finally, return to Patrick and he got out the candles and the shock arrack skull juice / drinks. Then the guests were some of the incredibly delicious cakes in the kitchen as Frodo tries so cleverly.

That reminds me, Eckart one of our customers, more fish caught today. He brings big fish in the 10 – 20 kg off and get the kitchen staff for cooking and as a supplement to go with our delicious fish. The evening was a night buffet, a large number of dishes, including the 10 kg GT was, and as I happened to sit at the table and Eckart, some mackerel, parrot fish, cooked as a sample of KFC, and oh my God, it was good! Look to a new version of DVD in theaters today … good times.

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