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G-Land January 3rd-5th 2012 Surf Report Today

Who was at G-Land, testified how bad this practice. First, the children in the group jumped ship into the boat. Then they get the captain to work his way into the line and drop in a place where everyone can paddle the zodiac in the package and immediately jumped into his head to make the point to point. Navigating through all the other surfers, the lead boat. The construction of this boat are at least 5 minutes and the ruins of the waves in the boat stops and then back through again on the way back to the boat channel to another 5 to 10 minutes after waking and the last boat begins to establish. Thus, a simple time of 15 minutes was entirely surf by a group of selfish, lazy, not trained boat builders be destroyed! Even if the field is said to be the main reason I see people from the camp to camp 3, and from time to time. As a guide for navigating Bobby, I am my best in order to inform customers of the name for a ship of evil.

So, drinking beer, I’ve seen injured in the last 30 minutes 15 minutes by boat wake is light. Each user receives a barrel of tight corners, or hop on their advice, or cascades of inversion. G-Land Surf Forecast is very dangerous, as the perfect, coming especially with dirty tears wake boat in September to pay all customers surfing G-land, while the guests ski boat because of losing money, since the sets destroyed completely preserved. And pay because the customers come to G-Land? Visit incredible waves. Thus, when the waves are incredibly spoiled on a boat, what happened? Customers lose money to wake up and deposited with the boat in danger! It is not the natural density of a few kids jumped, because if you call the rowing boat and into the package to the place of their choice at any given time.

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