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G-Land January 28th-30th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Guests must raining this morning! From 9 to 10.00 rained buckets. This is crass. By the way, I paddle around 8:45 clock so I need to cop on his head. Fortunately for me, after 10 stops, and the howling wind and rain to the sea side land perfectly pleasant light, and I was in perfect 3ft Spee dies get a keg for me! Got my head handcuffs.

G-Land Surf Forecast pretty funny for the rest of the day, with the tide, the waves are still there to Money Tree. Lifegaurd Ben also had some good neighborhoods of the tube onto the ledge. The tides are very high and very low power consumption of the various parts so that the light of the reef at various moments of the day. It’s a solid 5ft swell in the morning, but the hours 8 am and the clock is more or less 3-4 feet.

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