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G-Land January 24th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf spread surf a little, the tide with a 6-8ft Wall of Money Tree, and then about 3-4ft Spee dies barrel with a strange series of launch pad. Former WCT pro Jake Spooner died Spee hung and got some good, free decreased from Bootsie pigdogged Nugget Cobra and the hell, and they succeeded. With a large clock.

I ended the session with a nice drum overheads standing Spee dies. Then withdrawn back to Arvo, which is a light at the open sea with a G-land Surf Forecast 6-8ft bomb browsing … a few good waves! Last trip I went to the launch pad and ends with a series of belt golf 6 my head in a dark storm near sunset. Do not breath until I was happy hour for beer. Wipeout also had a nice little try to remain to give a fight, I have no time to be a inche and cut my lip on the head in the door and gave me a loud voice in the fall and give me a good ruin

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