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G-Land January 21st 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf spread a little on the wall with a flood of money from 6 to 8 feet of the tree, and then start some 3-4ft velocity gun with a strange game. Former WCT Pro freezes This speed Spooner and Jake some good, free, has boat, and fell back pigdogged Nugget Cobra and successful part of hell. Watch is great.

G-land Surf Forecast Finish the session with a lovely raised head from the gun speed. Then again at the end of surfing from Arvo a sea of ??light with the 6-8ft bomb is made ??of … some really good waves! Last trip I went to the launch pad and ends with a vague set of six blows to the head in a storm of colors of the sunset. Not breathe until I was happy beer in the region for an hour. A nice Wipeout also trying to get a grip, I spent some time with an inch and cut her lip on the head in the door and angrily stronger in the fall and give me a good hammer!

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