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G-Land, Indonesian Best Surfing Destination


Indonesia is a country that is not only rich in natural resources, but also store a variety of exotic natural beauty. This natural wealth makes Indonesia as one of the tourism destinations are quite famous in the world, especially marine tourism. One of them is Plengkung Beach. Plengkung beach which became one part of the cruise of the 7 wonders of the archipelago is a world-class potential in marine tourism.

Plengkung Beach, or better known as G-Land is a beach located within the area of Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi district, East Java. The journey to Plengkung Beach takes about half a day’s journey from Bali, besides the trip can also be reached by rented boat from Bali.

Plengkung Beach, located in the southeastern part of Java Island, is in a cluster of South Coast of Java, which is directly opposite the Indian Ocean, so Plengkung Beach is one of the big choppy beaches. Plengkung Beach waves are elongated, tall, and high-speed. Waves Beach Plengkung also forms a wave tube is almost perfect to become a favorite of sports enthusiast Surfing. The offshore wind that blows in Plengkung occurs between april and september, causing the greatest waves to occur in these months. Waves tend to be bigger and better at high tide, so the best time to plan a Surfing trip is a week after the full moon or new moon, because at times these high waves occur for half a day.

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