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G-Land February 5th – 7th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf almost fooled me today. With onshore winds made ??it a little more of the average of the morning, I thought I wait the afternoon. The waves appeared about 3 5ft. Before and after lunch, I spent much time watching the waves, swell and I could swear that he dies. I gave up on the waves of the day and decided to go to the movie. When I left, I turned to Dave Davidson paddle to see smoking in a group of 5ft and a large tube to get through the Fang! Buzz him and eventually went blow to blow up a few barrels of hell. So I can just go surfing!

From the wave of Fabio and I shared some nice 4ft waves at Ledge, was launched, and G-land Surf Forecast we had the ball for a while the crowd was all the money tree Low Tide. Late in the afternoon I flew down the coral and enjoy a long wall.

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