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G-Land February 17th – 20th 2012 Surf Report Today

G-Land Surf is the best during the day and then from 3:00 seems to pulsate a little ‘swollen, and though the tide has gone a bit’ biased, but still a large number of pairs that can be obtained. But in the afternoon there are some great drums too thick. 7.8 I went like a dream again … If you have doubts about the big picture here, forget it, theres no floaters or off-the-top is made on the air!

G-land Surf Forecast I was wondering what the best thing to do if there was a considerable decrease of the Money Tree? Well, if there are more waves in all, you’ll just have to check on his head! If foam balls surface and high power to go home, throw a board and dive under the water and then just go with the flow rag dolling.

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