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G-Land : Favorit Waves by Professional Surfers


Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi or commonly called G-Land is a tourist attraction area banyuwangi famous for the loud waves are commonly used as a location of international surfing sports.

The height and beauty of the waves on the plengkung beach is one of the 7 best beaches in the world and the best waves of southeast asia as a surf location.

According to residents around Plengkung called G-Land because the beach is curved like the letter G upside down when viewed from satellite and this is the factor that affects the occurrence of large waves as high as 8 meters favored by professional surfers of the world.

Afternoon session 19th of Oct, beauty g-land sunset along your ride ?by Donny Lopez #bobbyssurfcamp #grajagan #surf #sunset

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September 5|7ft offshore wind,sunny day. Photo by : Dave Thomas #bobbyssurfcamp #grajagan #surf #wave #surfreport

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