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G-Land Daily Report October 22nd 2012


Ultra smooth and glassy as we cut to Tanjung Blambangan morning. Buzy was in a race with Joyo the boat and took the inside line around the outer reef Kong ‘with the throttles the Wanasari III at 37 knots. He said throttle was not hit no. We were easy to fill this morning, and he was the love of the amplifier to the challenge. It is an alleged plan for a new boat next season (or any season soon), the modernization of Bali boat a 15-meter, 250 hp bow thruster is a 17-meter, 250 hp quad out below a 1.5 hours crossing circumstances of which we take 2 hours now.

I want to cross, in a hydrofoil and a little loaded bearing, if I We’ll definitely order the guests until the end of the season, the 25 currently November came reduce. I can not imagine watching max 2 tables at dinner reservation book. Now we have more than 10 tables. Just like my last trip back to camp after an absence elsewhere, the day I was back in the same day, the wind is onshore.

The boys in the camp tell me that last week was very nice and a strong wind. It did not start that way though today. When we arrived in the Grandong, it was small, but clean and glassy. Actually looked really nice, but from 9:30 began the west and to the south west had the chance to go offshore is not worth much. But did anyone who paddled to enjoy what get through.

Over his head and not really sectiony or fast considering the 10-15 knot winds. The prognosis seems to be onshores calls for the coming days and the last time that happened, it was just right. If the sea was, then a trip to the east coast would be perfect.

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