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G-Land Daily Report August 26-27th 2012


Hopefully I will not be writing this at some point in the near term. It’s just not the feeling in this tropical latitude 8 degrees when the rubber for protection against the cold instead reef protection. When it was cooled at this Panaitan, then it is even more easier to commit in the rubber. But it is not, swell still come to us, 8-10 foot faces on both days and a fairly good condition.

We have just gone through the half-moon position, so that the tides do not vary greatly, what. Approximately 2 feet (60 cm) throughout the day So it’s pretty much the same all day. Money Trees really the staple food section, but inside Launching Pad a little. Fan Palms and rowing pretty good for the few random guys go up. The winds have changed a bit. It’s more like what most people would consider a normal G-land wind conditions.

Maybe by 9 at the earliest, more than 10 hours and increases offshore. It’s been a long time since the pregnant woman showed us her heart in the early morning hours. The last week before this 2-day coverage of the wind is blowing really hard. 10-15 knots at least. But ultimately it is mild and we even getting a few nice quiet off shores and even dense clouds hang over Grajagan Bay for part of the day. It stirred my curiosity, look under what conditions is this predicted to be swollen?

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