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G-Land Daily Report – April 19-20 2011

G-Land Daily Report – April 19-20 2011. These last two days here, can probably be what I feel strong, where seasonal change is used. Both morning began with a bright blue sky just above Grajagan Bay and only atmospheric haze, which was subtle and white, the detail of the country against us, clouding of vision. 19. April was right on the high seas and a slight increase in the wave of the previous day, we were always 10 to 14 foot faces on money trees.

The shape was very good, but not loaded with enough energy to throw over and out. There were some barrels, but I saw lots of waves, with many sections, the “blah-KOO-HA.” It only requires that from the beginning and keep their speed to run at them. And when the tide began to reach its bottom, from the shelf shows some real twisted mutants. Perhaps one of every 20 waves was quality … all other real too thick and block.

There is a man who was surfing! Kong and tiger tracks were, of course, workers and apparently very funny. 20 Fell slightly in April … but … waves during the long process. Speedies fracture in the region of the head and run very fast. Not to be hollow, however, draw water reef enough to know where you are. money trees have some good games overspending by about 10 foot faces and food for a few hundred meters. VERY NICE! The entry into the afternoon, not too much in front of the door no more.

The waves seemed Kong sucked with the tide. 0.1 meters of land just before sunset. Back to my original idea to the top … Heron is a beautiful neighborhood and start hunting in the lagoon, in any other court. So they have to feel something stronger than me. But as I write this, rain was cracking thunder. Well, either way it is at sea now …. Just checked to make sure!

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