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August 17 2015 g-land bobby’s surf camp celebrates independence day Indonesia, this is some of the staff bobby’s camp who took pictures taken in front of a sign that is characteristic of bobby’s camp, using custom same they keep smiling happily, there is also holding competitions to celebrate the independence of Indonesia as organized climbing competitions and tug of war, there is also a traditional dance called gandrung

gandrung  dance is a performing art of dance originating from Banyuwangi, East Java. This dance appears as the embodiment of public gratitude after each harvest. gandrung still one genre with Tap Tilu from West Java, Tayub of Central Java and East Java to the west, Lengger of Banyumas and Joged tube of Bali. Dance art form dominated by a distinctive orchestration is popular in Banyuwangi region located on the eastern tip of the island of Java. Because of the popularity, has become a hallmark of the region. Nothing wrong Banyuwangi always identified with gandrung. Just look at a variety of angles Banyuwangi region will often many sculptures dancer infatuated.

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