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G-Land Beach, Surf Beach in Banyuwangi


Located on the southern coast of Banyuwangi, precisely located at the end of East Java, Plengkung G-Land Beach offers a million beauty that makes the world’s eyes unnerved. This place is so popular for the surfers, both from local and foreign. Just imagine, for the world, this beach is a paradise of the world’s surfers. Wow!

Nicknamed The Seven Giant Waves Wonder by foreign surfers because it has a very high waves and is suitable for surfers. This nickname is obtained because it has 7 rolls of waves with a height of each up to 6 meters. Moreover International mention Plengkung Beach as the second best wave owners in the world after Hawaii.

Plengkung beach is more familiarly referred to as G-Land for the traveler. The word G-Land itself has 3 meanings namely G which means Grajagan is a name of a bay that has big waves. G which means Green which means that the beach is still very natural because of its location on the edge of the green tropical forest. The last G means Great that describes that it has a large and also a long wave.


In Plengkung G-Land Beach, you can do various beach activities. Surfing for example. Usually the surf here is mostly from Kuta Beach Bali that cross to G-land by speedboat. Or if you do not want to surf, you can play the beautiful white sand.

You can enjoy the natural scenery around the form of waves that unceasingly rolled. The spectacle of entertaining as performances amaze the action of surfers who try to tame the ferocity of Plengkung Beach G-Land. In addition, you can go to other beaches around G-land.

Around Plengkung Beach there is no hotel. To stay in the area around the beach, you can spend the night at surf Bobby’s Surf Camp.

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