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G-Land August 9th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf had swollen like a group of six people, I, Dave and his family, Norris & left at 6.30 Puma Grajagan of hope in the bar of a stream of the partition. Upon arrival it was clear that this is a bit less than a day, but we glassy conditions on our side. It was small, though, and it was two ft solid with a few sets of three feet, and very funny! The smallest angle SW swell, further south, it must certainly much bigger .. We will again try to score as many points and noise was crazy!. The water is very hot there, snow was perfect.┬áBut we all get together at lunch time on the ground, at sea – but it was a bit from the south, but still, the line-up looks much more manageable than the previous day.

After some food, I went to my favorite new wave 7’6, and a handful of nice runs for most of the trees and money Ledge large group. The hill is still much to SS, so there was a dynamic of the large number of Saw Palmetto, but not bad. He was right again at 15:00 clock for my lunch. All three were about 30 children to save the tree if I was lucky enough to only a handful of us have. In four years I packed up twenty-twenty for a look, and there was that Rebecca (guest Bobby), gives, with 2-3 foot waves again non-stop, and super clean! So I went and had a session of fun with it. Temperature of the water? It was a little ‘cold break primary, but only one degree warmer than it was two days.

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