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G-Land August 8th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf were 18 men and seven people late today. Among the newcomers was my friend from my hometown, New Plymouth, New Zealand, Jeremy Grainger. This is the first time in Indo, he just arrived in Kuta yesterday. Kuta afraid of him, he does not like, but he loves the atmosphere and the natural environment of the G-Land! I do not have the opportunity to meet and greet Jeremy and the other guests, because it was a special mission to go!

The waves were big. Big love deadly devices, plants from all over the head clean break. The Rip Curl Cup Padang races now on the air attack in the southwest. The day was to transport guests are transported out of the way through the zodiac twenty-twenty on a fast boat and a ship of the difficult country between sets. twenty-twenty is a bit high on the head “on a few sets and lots more. On the boat from the camp resident photographer Dave Thomas, his assistant, Norris and I have a MOC (attach) and stop Grajagan. Dave has a breakpoint near the port can be very large. Perhaps it is because the swelling was so West was about to happen did not last. So we think completely skunked, we saw the waves at the mouth of the river. They were right-handed 1ft fast surfing. I have a go anyway, and while Dave Norris was shot. It’s a lot better than it looks! head high, sandy soil, shallow staggered rights ? And every wave was about 2-3 turns, or you can just all the way down the line.

I enjoyed myself so much out there alone, in an hour I had a lot of waves. It has ten hours, I cut off so that the wind was stronger destroy them after an hour and a bit. Tomorrow morning, we investigate the performance of a special trip there soon, when the wind catches the light and mid tide. No doubt, many guests are eager to score and something else. Silver Trees washed for afternoon (except for a solitary wave that a surfer has a good take, but it was moderately burgered off), most of the guest is happy a single morning surf too.┬áIn the afternoon, during the day, I could not help but to twenty-twenty for a G-land surf. All the guests were at some point today. It was so much fun! Wed 3 feet solid and light, not too many people, when I was happy. They have a wave of joy in a short time, then returned to the area, there are a few good waves all afternoon if we Plengkung back … Here is one for the chicken. 20-20 was good all day.

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