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G-Land August 7th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf were some new signs of swelling on my first check for over 8 hours. A little late, you ask? Well, I was pretty late at night to organize a pool tournament, and to my nap, I had to read until midnight before I sleep . Moreover, Blacky has won the pool tournament. the stakes were high at twenty thousand rupiah per unit, meaning a combined jackpot of four hundred thousand rupiah twenty guests and employees! Blacky won Rp 300k for the win, while Jason kept strictly Rupiah100k guests lost the second.

Please check … 4ft on the board with a look more often to the tree. Super high-rise period of the southwest of 225 degrees in the rankings today. 7ft @ 21sec las 9:00 ET was 15/22 @ 8ft. Indeed in the early afternoon, there were groups in the range 6-8ft. + 10 feet broke some records for three bombs, and washed all the way to the shoulder even more.┬áHave my aluminum strip to the attack of Go Pro. He hit a ledge wave I accidentally deep in my first wave, and presto! four th to try pole, breaking the previous week. I am still left stick, and a helping hand. Pace with it between his teeth, then put it in his hand after the start. A bit vague, but it worked. But the two best runs I’ve had the camera for some reason.

There were some patients for the session 12-3, and even then with the tide, there was a smoke here and there. High 1.7 mA fourteen years with an optimal amount of water on the edge and the money tree was higher when all the waves struck, as he picked up. almost forgot to mention Crowd-factor? Twenty times up, and the water is cold enough, just in my old steamboat again two millimeters. A barrel 6ft me the strength of its sphere of foam.

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