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G-Land August 6th 2012 Surf Report Today


G-land Surf keep and continued with like big yesterday the same the wind conditions, swell lining up along the whole point, the good feeling of surfers in the water, and even a little warm of water.

G-land Surf Forecast face about eleven feet. Today the swell jumped right back and we had solid double overhead on the sets and tubing on most of the wave. Moneytrees going strong with the most consistently set of beat up on the main peak, but Fang was preparing nearly as good. Launching Pad to the one of the Speedies are doing well too.

Incredibly enough the scenario to replay itself everyday. Has been very good condition. Not a big swell, but this season, but many of the high quality of the day twice this season. But something solid to show a close approximation so maybe I’ll write about the big swell we’ve been missing

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