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G-Land August 6th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Finally, one day, less than 5 feet – easily. Early in the morning there was a record number of caps and surfers were so few that when they found was more than just money. Other than that he has 3-4 feet, but every day. The palms of the fans seemed to place at the right time. Tree of the money is not bad if you have a good peeler, but found that most of the waves were a bit small cable ties. Water temperature conventional and do not worry. If you feel cold pressed, then apply rubber. I have the tiger preview Gundula new Blacky with Harry, I’m sure had some super fun waves there. Blacky the zodiac, while Harry had a good ride with the repayment option is available.

G-land Surf, after fiveconsecutive days of solid surf and I had a full day of rest, a lot of time devoted to images and processing of good and evil. He also has the new position and get better GoPro JIBUTI. Based on the future of the fin is still there, but the Finn pieces screwed even more weight and less friction and an aluminum bar, 30-40 cm long, with a touch of fiberglass sucker FCS for the camera. Super light and strong, really hope the fourth time lucky!

Tonight I played in an entry in the pool tournament, with twenty thousand rupiah, the highest award for the winner and second place! Both staff and customers are invited to a huge competitive advantage in the entertainment district.

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