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G-Land August 4th 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf light in the morning and clean 3-5ft trees cash … But Dawn was much greater than the attack, perhaps 6 feet! So the morning was probably the smallest, but from 11.01 a few sentences were really nice to end the strike of the reef, most still in 3-5ft wide, but until The few Spee. Many people get some nice speed pipe mini-reef. The wind was strong enough for most hours of the day, and the water was a bit cold, I thought. It would probably need a source at ease. Or a kind of rubber.

I tried my new post on my tail 7’8 GoPro great, a few wipeouts treated, but later in the surf, I’m inside, from top to bottom edge of the wave to destroy me! Uh! The project is back on the drawing board, but each time the best.

Back to surf again at the end of the day, and some bombs. Arvo favored by the swell, and there was a strong group of 6 + feet! Standing on a sea urchin in the street – it was low tide – and took 30 minutes to dig. Ouch! While some setbacks today, but I’m still in one piece, 7’8 and was broken twice already broken, was it time, some of the guests, many of fireworks say. Tonight borrowed! It was a surprisingly short time on the beach, a couple of Big Bangs and explosions.

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