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G-Land August 31st 2011 Surf Report Today

G-land Surf Today was foggy this morning, the power of celebrities. 6:00, super low tide, he could see that most coral reefs, but the wave has a thick blanket of fog on them. It ‘hard to say how big it is, but I think 2-3 feet. I’m pretty honest. After a hearty breakfast bread 3PC, two poached eggs with avocado, onions and tomatoes, fruit salad, coffee, juice and pulp, finally came out and Kong Fan Palm at 8:30. Light south wind all morning, with the tide. To a lot funner than I expected. Stacks of waves through your head high, and the part that really rippable.

Virtually no one outside too. Fields start up the child from other epidemic ladder. Terribly disturbed by someone surfing out of eight children of the zodiac and just beyond where I was, so I am with the next set of dirty boat. Well, I do not do as it once was, what can we do? So I continued to browse and enjoy hot dogs the terms. After lunch, back to the mid-tide and a little big waves in the palm fans, the wind completely out the window clean. And some groups of 4 meters! Certainly the increase in water temperature. I wear ride well today and certainly no more mashed potatoes, but I remain active and we will make your day the right way.

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